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A top management message about yesterday and tomorrow

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 A top management message about yesterday and tomorrow Details of the Sagami Group Company history Company overview Company philosophy

[A top management message] About yesterday and tomorrow
CEO Photo From pursuit of material comfort to realizing a more rewarding society
Hello, everyone!
I am Shigeo Fukuda, CEO and President of Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd.
Here, I will write about how I have thus far fully devoted myself to permanent magnets, and then discuss our dreams and wishes for the future upon the opening of this Sagami Magnets website to disseminate our information. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

[ Foundation (pursuit of material comfort) ]

Let me tell you how I set up my own business. It began when I was researching plastic magnets as an employee of a large chemical supplier. However, back in 1968, the people of my generation will probably recall that Japan was still a relatively poor country, even though in the midst of its high economic growth.
Just like many others, I was raised in a poor family. So, with a firm wish to earn a lot of money and become rich, I decided to set up my own business and have been working very hard ever since.
When I founded my business, Japan was in the middle of its high economic growth. Along with the development of Japan, Sagami Chemical Metal developed as well, thereby making my wishes for material comfort come true.

[ Hardships (living cheerfully at all times) ]
Naturally there were very hard times when our parent company went bankrupt. By undertaking its stock, purchasing its credits and making other bold efforts, we survived the crisis in a short time. Or rather, partly due to my inherent optimism, I did not consider the situation a crisis, but instead acted positively at all times. As I recall, I think that such an attitude ultimately proved productive.

[ Turning point (displaying our energy) ]
The year 1986 marked a major turning point. That year, I went to the USA and encountered the most powerful magnet that I had ever seen. It was a rare-earth magnet (the prototype of a neodymium magnet). This proved to be a fateful encounter. I had a feeling at the time that this magnet would revolutionize not only the magnet industry, but also many other industries as well. Then the moment I returned home, I left for China, which produces neodymium, and began taking some actions in an attempt to find some way to manufacture the neodymium magnet.

In 1991, we became the first Japanese company to enter China in the field of rare-earth magnets and established a joint venture with Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech. Co., Ltd. under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Our entry into China required five long years of preparation from 1986 to 1991. This was due to the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989 and other social factors in China. As a matter of fact, on the day of the Tiananmen Square Incident, I was in Shanghai. Surprisingly, Shanghai was relatively peaceful. TV and other mass media may have been strictly censored at the time, and I returned home safe and sound without knowing about what had happened in Beijing. After returning home, I saw some TV reports in Japan and was very surprised. That's what I remember clearly even now.

So, in 1991, we launched our joint venture in China. Quality initially became an issue just as we had expected. The reality was that, as compared with Japanese products, Chinese-made products showed dispersions in quality.
Sagami Chemical Metal then took advantage of its factories in Japan as well. In so doing, we thoroughly conducted quality control in Japan, while dispatching Japanese engineers to the factory in China, thereby completing a system for stably supplying high-quality and inexpensive magnets to Japanese customers. Please give our products a try.
Since then, San Huan Sagami New Technology Co., Ltd. developed into an owned enterprise which is capitalized 100 % by Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd.
The company newly started under favorable conditions as Beijing Sagami Metal Co., Ltd.

In this way, we have always been following our path innovatively for 45 years since our business was established. Having greeted the 21st century and upon thinking about how our company should be in the future, we pursued positive ways of becoming even more useful to our customers, while retaining our feature of employing "a system for stably supplying high-quality and inexpensive magnets to Japanese customers."

[ Future (toward realizing a more worthwhile society) ]
We are now beginning to see only one answer. We concluded that becoming a company preferred by consumers without hesitation and meeting the particular needs of our customers require use of the Internet, a medium for bidirectional communications. This is why we have begun to disclose and disseminate information under the brand name of "Sagami Magnets."

Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd. will advance forward every day while disseminating information positively and communicating with our customers via the "Sagami Magnet" website.

In the future, attempts to curtail global warming, build the structure of a recycling-based society, and otherwise preserve the global environment entail the need to use highly functional magnets. As a magnet manufacturer, we wish to join forces with our customers to realize a more worthwhile society based on preserving the global environment and the "live and let live" policy of the 21st century.

We would appreciate your continued patronage of Sagami Chemical Metal and "Sagami Magnets."
 Company philosophy  Company overview  Company history
 A top management message about yesterday and tomorrow  Details of the Sagami Group
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